Edna Wagner

E. Wagner

Mrs. Edna Wagner is the Executive Director of the Richard Allen Cultural Center and Museum.  She has a degree in Education/Special Education with twenty years of teaching experience.  She has been married to her husband for over thirty-eight years and is a mother of two sons and a proud grandmother of one granddaughter.  Mrs. Wagner has lived overseas and in the United States with nineteen moves as part of her husband Colonel Dwayne Wagner’s military career of thirty years.  In 2008, Mrs. Wagner and her husband moved back to Leavenworth.  Mrs. Wagner serves as a leader of the Family Support Group overseas as well as state side.

As an educator, Mrs. Wagner served on the first team to write the Title One Grant for the Leavenworth USD 453 school district.  Mrs. Wagner also built the plan program for the Summer Read and Feed Program that was used now called Read Across America.  Mrs. Wagner also worked in the Virginia area with a high end design company and was part of the team to pick out what President Clinton’s family used in their bath and kitchen in the White House.  Currently, Mrs. Wagner is working closely with the Buffalo Soldiers that are still active in the community.  Mrs. Wagner belongs to the First Missionary Baptist Church where she had some of the buffalo soldiers and their families as part of their church service to honor veterans across the Armed Forces.  She is also a member of several local organizations.  Mrs. Wagner puts God first to help her keep her life in balance.