The Kansas Preservation Alliance was founded in 1979 by Bernd Foerster and his colleagues Richard Longstreth and Richard Wagner. KPA’s foundation was based on education, information, research and lobbying. That foundation has grown to specifically engage the state of Kansas in education, awareness, lobbying and making connections of like-minded organizations and individuals.

The KPA is a nonprofit statewide historic preservation organization providing assistance to Kansas communities seeking to save their cultural landmarks. The nonprofit is funded primarily through membership dues and sponsor support.

Today KPA consists of  board members and  members. The board members gather from all over the state every three months to make sure the goals of the organization are being met. The KPA’s main programs are the annual Awards for Excellence and Endangered Places.

The board continues to move the organization forward by recruiting new board members and making new connections that help bring the necessity for preservation to Kansans everywhere.

Click here to become a member. Interested on being on the board or want to volunteer? Send us an inquiry at info@kpalliance.org.